How Does Botox Work?

October 8, 2020
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Having Botox treatments are one of the most popular minor cosmetic procedures available. Made popular by actors, models, and others regularly in the limelight, its use has become even more mainstream and accessible to the public over the years in a variety of facilities worldwide. While many are familiar with the benefits of Botox, primarily for wrinkle reduction, some may be unfamiliar with how it actually works as well as some other advantages of having it done. If you are considering getting this procedure done, learn all about its benefits, how it works, and the best, safest way to get the process started.

The Science Behind It

The average person may know that Botox is delivered into the skin via injection, but what is it and how does it actually work? Some people may be shocked to discover that Botox is a toxin, onobotulinumtoxinA, known to cause the type of food poisoning, botulism. While this toxin can be harmful when ingested from improperly preserved or canned meats, it has been very useful for many other applications in the medical community. Because controlled doses of Botox prevent muscles from contracting by blocking chemical signals to nerves, they are used to help alleviate conditions where excessive muscle contraction is the root cause of a patient’s discomfort. Depending on a variety of factors, including the condition of the patient and the type of application needed, different dosages are recommended.

Who Needs It?

Getting Botox treatments from a reputable provider can give skin a smooth, youthful look that typically diminishes with age. As people get older, their skin’s elasticity is likely to be reduced along with lowered collagen production. This combined with repeated use of the facial muscles is what generally leads to unwanted wrinkles and fine lines on the face. For people who want to reduce the appearance of this, Botox is a common solution. While many older clients tend to seek these treatments out, those in younger generations are also taking advantage of the procedure.

Other Uses

Wrinkle reduction through Botox is relatively mainstream compared to its other uses. Not everyone undergoing this procedure is doing it for aesthetic reasons only. Botox is commonly used for other ailments such as chronic migraines, lazy eye, overactive bladder, excessive sweating and neck spasms. By injecting Botox into key areas, it can help to relax the overactive muscles that are the root cause of these conditions and control them temporarily.

Where To Get It Done

Because Botox is a relatively simple treatment that has gained in popularity, finding places to have the procedure done should not be difficult. Depending on the reason for your treatment, you may have to seek out a specific professional to perform it. State-specific licensing and certification requirements can also play a role in where you may be able to get this service done. Contrary to what some may believe, a doctor or dermatologist in a medical office are not the only professionals who can administer it. Estheticians, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants are also known to do it depending on the specific procedure and where it will be done.

Finding the Right Professional

While there are many professionals who claim to be able to perform this procedure, it is highly recommended for any prospective patients to take their time and do their research. Because complications can arise from a variety of reasons, using a licensed, experienced professional that knows how to avoid them from happening is invaluable. While every medical procedure carries some level of risk even when done flawlessly, patients can dramatically reduce their own level of risk by going in informed and being selective with the facility and the person administering the treatment. Instead of relying solely on your intuition, consider some other methods such as using personal recommendations from other medical professionals or patients who have successfully had the procedure done, reading online reviews, and checking credentials.

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