Chemical Peels & Facial Medical Grade

Signature Peel

Our Signature peel is a complete rejuvenation with moderate to
aggressive peel for Hyperpigmentation, anti-aging and adult acne.
Age 40-55
$199.95 per session
Package Special 3 Peels: $495.95
Jessner's Peel
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Age 30-60
$295 per session
Package Special 3 Peels: $750
Vi Peel
VI Peels have powerful ingredients suitable for all skin types.
The peels are formulated to rejuvenate, restore your skin tone and color.
Age 40-70
$350 per session
Package Special 3 Peels: $900

All the services you need, all in one place.

We offer a wide range of services and peels customized to your skin type. Even dark toned skin are safe getting our Peels at NewSkin Laser Center. We have peels for those suffering from Acne or oily skin, to wrinkles, hyperpigmentation to melasma.

New Skin Laser Center

Looking and feeling your best is one of the most valuable gifts you can give yourself. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s hard to find that “me” time, but when you do, New Skin Laser is committed to helping you look and feel fabulous. Our amazing Clinical Chemical Peels will leave your skin refreshed and rejuvenated like you’ve just come back from a much-deserved getaway! We have options to fit patients of every age, skin type, personal style, and budget.

Chemical Peels:

Our Clinical Chemical Peels are quite different as they remove the topmost layer of skin cells entirely using specified chemical solutions that will strip this damaged layer away from the face for good. Our clients at New Skin Laser love our customizable chemical peels because they offer a deep resurfacing and cleansing result just for your individual skin tone, type and concerns.. For our clients that have severe pigmentation, lots of acne and injury related scarring, age spotting, and other skin imperfections, chemical peels will reduce their appearance while offering them an entirely new canvas of skin to work from in their skin care efforts. These chemical peels give you the second chance, and a deep GLOW that you’ve always wanted!

Famous Custom Glow Peels

$80+ lightest refresher to our deeper from $150 to $250 Our very own, custom light to deep peels are a mixture of our various peeling agents. They are used to help Hyperpigmentation (Sun Damage) “dry out” active acne, dislodge blackheads, reduce shallow wrinkling, scarring, lighten dark spots; help improve the appearance & health of sun-damaged, acne prone & aging skin. For 2-3 days the skin will exfoliate rapidly (though this may not be visible) or it will be very visible depending on results desired. and will be more sensitive to the sun. The overall health and appearance (GLOW) of your skin will be better, healthier, and more receptive to home care.


$350 We can customize this highly sought after facial peel by focusing on acne concerns, pigmentation, any premature aging symptoms such as loose and roughly textured skin. Completely rejuvenate the skin with a Vi peel’s special blend of acids to reveal a smooth, beautiful face. Benefits of a Chemical Peel:  Correct pigmentation (melasma, hyper or hypo-pigmentation)  Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines  Resurface the skin for a fresh, new you  Improve the skin’s texture and tone  Strip damaged skin from the face to expose healthy skin  Mild to medium strength for a variety of skin types  Customized downtime

Facial Treatments:

Don’t settle for anything less than the best when you’re ready for New Skin Customizable Clinical facials that leave you looking vibrant and with a glow evident to everyone you meet afterward. New Skin Laser knows the difference that beautiful skin can make, which is why our state-of-the-art techniques, and !00% customizable treatments are perfect for each and every individual patient. Your skin will thank you.

New Skin Acne Bootcamp:

Constantina is one of the world's leaders in Paramedical Acne and Acne scarring treatments, as she sought the world expert on acne and was selected for a highly-coveted apprenticeship with James E. Fulton, Jr. M.D., Ph.D — founder of The Acne Research Institute and co-inventor of Vitamin A Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide Gel, and topical Erythromycin. He had set the gold standard in acne treatment.

Full Treatment

$125 A Full Treatment usually consists of cleansing, glycol exfoliation or enzyme exfoliation with steam (dead skin cell-dissolving enzymes are activated by heat and moisture and soften clogged pores and comedones, facilitating their evacuation), extractions, calming or therapeutic mask, and application of a hydrating anti-inflammatory or topical medication depending on the skin type, followed by a sunblock. ​ Available as a facial or body (back) treatment.

Upkeep Treatment

$95 Half Treatments include cleansing, glycol exfoliation or enzyme exfoliation with steam, and a shorter extraction time. Half Treatments can last up to 30 minutes. Our most popular treatment!

Teen Treatment

$95 Acne can show up and wreak havoc on your teen's self esteem and confidence. This treatment is a corrective and preventative one specifically designed for teens that consists of two parts. First, our Corrective Skincare Esthetician will work with your teen and give them the real facts about acne. We will break through the myths of acne and teach the correct ways to cleanse, keep skin clean, apply products, how to treat your skin right through diet, and the importance of SPF. The second part is the treatment, and consists of a facial cleansing, natural exfoliation, gentle extraction, and a cool peel off mask! We offer a variety of realistic options to help your teenager eliminate breakouts and prevent them entirely!

Facial Medical Grade Cost and Prices

Dermaplanning Facial
DiamondTome Medical Grade Microdermabrasion
HydraFacial MD
The Clarifyer Enzyme Facial
Red Carpet Ready
Triple Oxygen Infusion
Stem Cell/Peptide Infusion
Vit C Infusion
Signature Peel
$199.95 Per Session
Perfect for individuals Up to 10 products
Jessner's Peel
$249.95 Per Session
Perfect for small companies Up to 100 products
Vi Peel
$349.95 Per Session
Perfect for large companies Unlimited products

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