What is Restylane Kysse?

Restylane Kysse

Restylane Kysse

It is a clear injectable gel composed of hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is a naturally occurring sugar, found in the human body. It is crosslinked with BDDE, an ingredient that helps form a network of HA to provide a gel filler that lasts longer. HA fillers, including Restylane Kysse, contains HA that has been modified to last longer in the body than the naturally occurring HA. It contains 0.3 % lidocaine to reduce pain during injection.

What is Restylane Kysse used for?

It is injected into the lips and the lines around the upper lip to temporarily add fullness to the lips and help smooth the wrinkles around the upper lip (perioral lines) in patients over the age of 21. It is injected with an ultrafine needle into your lips to add fullness. It can also be injected into the skin above your lips to help smooth the wrinkles around your upper lip (perioral lines). The picture below shows the treatment areas for Restylane Kysse.

What did it studies indicated?

It was tested, to ensure that it worked properly (effective) and was safe to use, in a clinical study before it was approved for use in all subjects. Various ethnic groups and multiple skin tones were studied which they were interested in lip fillers and for the lines above the lips. Different centers and doctors conducted the study and followed up for up to 12 months with monthly reports of side effects and results. Studies for Kysse lip filler and upper lip lines indicated that 88% saw great results for 6 months and 78% saw results lasting for 12 months.

What are the benefits of it?

Restylane Kysse will temporarily add volume to the lips and help smooth the wrinkles above your mouth.
Restylane Kysse was studied in many subjects like yourself to determine if it was effective and to ensure
that it is safe for use.
The study doctors reported:
• 77% (129/168) of subjects had at least a 1-point improvement in lip fullness 6 months after
• 60% (101/169) of subjects had at least a 1-point improvement in lip fullness 12 months after
The subjects reported:
• 88% (148/169) rated an improvement in the appearance 6 months after treatment
• 78% (132/169) rated an improvement in the appearance 12 months after treatment

Can a Blunt-tip micro-cannula be used to injected Restylane Kysse?

Most Hyaluronic acid fillers can be utilize the blunt-tip cannula to be injected as it reduces the risk of bruising and swelling as well as making it more comfortable during the procedure.