Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation
Pros and Cons

Breast Augmentation
Breast Augmentation

What is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

Fat transfer breast augmentation is also known as natural breast augmentation, is a process in which fat harvested from liposuction is injected into the breast for more natural appearance. The procedure can increase breast volume by one to two cup sizes and reshape or restore volume that’s been lost due to aging or lumpectomy.

Natural fat transfer breast augmentation has become increasingly popular with women who want a modest increase in size, up to two sizes, without the potential risks and side effects of breast implants. Millennials are especially excited about natural appearance, improved cleavage and no side effects of silicone or saline solution being ruptured.

At New Skin Laser Center, HD liposuction is performed to remove and harvest the Excess fat from the abdomen, flanks, love handles, back bra fat or thighs and then transferred to the breasts. This procedure is performed at our local clinic under local anesthesia. No General anesthesia is required and it can be done in about 2 hours. Women love the results and they love the safety features of the procedure.

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What are the pros and cons of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation ?


  • No General Anesthesia ( all performed under local anesthesia at our Clinic)
  • No risk of rupture or damage to the breast
  • No risk of foreign products injected (no silicone or saline solution)
  • Natural sensation and feel
  • Natural Cleavage and contouring
  • Removing fat and contouring body areas at the same time
  • No Sutures or large incisions, just small enough to have a cannula to inject the breast
  • Painless procedure as local anesthesia is performed
  • No risk or complications that come with breast implant
  • Increase up to two cup sizes to the breast….


  • Making sure to wear special bra to maintain the shape and cleavage initially for up to 30 days
  • Possible mild asymmetry – please note that breast overall are asymmetrical and implants can cause this as well.
  • Patient requesting significantly larger size of breast augmentation

 Liposuction with Fat transfer – Breast Augmentation – Individual results may vary

Most doctors consider breast augmentation with your own fat transfer to be a safe treatment option with a short recovery time. Overall, it’s a low-risk procedure, especially when compared to breast augmentation with implants.

How Can We Make Sure That The Fat Transfer is Long Lasting?

At New Skin Laser Center, we use HD Liposuction to perform body sculpting. This is the latest German Made product which allows physicians to perform the liposuction and harvest the fat for transfer. Only HD Liposuction can harvest upwards of 80% of the fat. Traditional liposuction cause severe damage and therefore they have poor outcome or decreased augmentation.

Vasor lipo causes heat to break down the fat and than lipsuctioning the fat which destroys the fat as well.
We have one of the best harvesting method with decreased risk of infection due to the closed system Fun Sculpting machine has

Who is a good candidate for fat transfer breast augmentation?

To be a good candidate for breast fat transfer is to be healthy . Expectation of one to two sizes enlargement. You have to have enough fat to be harvested ( liposuction of the abdomen, love handles, back, thighs)

What are the steps of getting a fat transfer breast augmentation procedure?

Depending on the liposuction areas requested and volume of fat being transferred, it can take two to three hours. During the liposuction, fat is being harvested and purified by removing the blood. At New Skin Laser Center we use a closed system for transfer the fat which reduces the risk of infection significantly. Only an experienced doctor knows how to perform this procedure without causing infections, side effects or lumpiness. Than, fat is transferred either by a syringe or with a cannula into the breast. Patients are expected to wear the special bra for the breast and also the compression garments for the liposuctioned areas.

Only our experienced doctor with esthetic expertise would know how much fat to be transferred to the breast to give the natural augmentation. Fuller and natural looking breast with cleavage is our goal at New Skin Laser Center. This tends to boost women’s confidence to a different level.

Breast Augmentation

What should you expect during recovery?

At New Skin Laser Center, we use the HD Liposuction machine which is able to perform the liposuction and sculpting without injuring the underlying connective tissue. This method serves to preserve the connective tissue for better skin tightening and purely removing fat only. Since this is less damaging and less aggressive, the recovery is significantly faster. People usually suffer with pain only for 1-2 days which is why we give pain meds. Than you will have some soreness in the breast and liposuctioned areas. You can see great results in about 7 days with most swelling to have been absorbed. You do not need a drainage tube (unlike the traditional lipo). You may return to work or daily activity within 36 hours. We actually encourage you to ambulate within 24 hours.

Most people return to work within a week. Moderate activity is fine the day after the procedure, but you must avoid strenuous exercise, including heavy lifting and sports. You’ll be able to ramp up to cardiovascular exercise (including sexual activity) after one week and weight training and yoga at 3-4 weeks.

We will provide you with a compression bra for the first few days before switching to a sports bra for the next month, to provide gentle support while preserving blood flow and maximizing fat survival. To prevent putting pressure on your breast, You’ll also want to sleep on your back or side.

When will you see fat transfer breast augmentation results?

At the one-week follow-up visit, one of our medical doctors will examine your breasts, to ensure they’re healing normally. At this point, you’ll get to stop wearing any compression garments. Although the liposuctioned area will still be swollen, you’ll be able to see your body contouring results. Your breasts may look larger than expected initially due to swelling, which will also cause them to feel very firm or even hard. Gentle massage can help ease discomfort and reduce swelling. By three months post-op, most of the swelling in the breast area will be gone, and your breasts will feel more normal with their final shape and contour.

How long does fat transfer breast augmentation last?

At New Skin Laser Center, the HD liposuction is gentle and less damaging to the tissue; therefore, better harvested fat to be transferred. The transferred fat that remains three months after your procedure will be permanent. At New Skin Laser Center, we make sure that we transfer the most viable fat with equal amount for symmetrical breast augmentation.

What are the risks and side effects of fat transfer breast augmentation?

Serious health risks of the procedure includes infections, lumps, nodules, and cysts in the breasts and indentations or irregularities at the injected site. Fat injection may also interfere with mammogram which should be performed annually to make sure there are no significant changes. The volume of fat required to enlarge the breast makes the technique prone to microcalcifications (fat cells “die” but don’t dissolve back into your body). They’re not cancerous, but microcalcifications can interfere with mammograms. Additionally, a study from 2019 states that people who undergo fat transfer breast augmentation aren’t at an elevated risk for breast cancer.

What's the Cost of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

The cost of breast fat transfer depends also on how many areas of the body do you want to be liposuctioned and contoured. The Cost will increase if you have multiple areas to have liposuctioned. Usually Liposuction of multiple areas along with Breast fat transfer will cost about $4995-$9000. National average is about $8800.

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