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Botox Services in Agoura Hills - Botox Specials and Prices

Botox Cosmetic is injected into muscles to weaken the  muscles and decrease the wrinkles.  Botox is used to improve the look of moderate to severe dynamic wrinkles such as frown lines, forehead lines, crow’s feet, neck bands and laugh lines. These are called “dynamic wrinkles” as they occur due to repetitive movements of the muscles.  Botox also helps with some static lines (wrinkles that are present without any expression lines).  For some static lines, Fillers like Juvederm, Restyalne or Radiesse can be used. 

At New Skin Laser Center, our providers will evaluate and customize the treatments for you best look. We have been treating patients for over 15 years and experience does help when you are treating your face.  We are currently offering special prices for clients from Agoura Hills, Thousand Oaks and Westlake Village. 

Medical Botox can be used to treat Migraines and TMJ.  If you are suffering from Migraines or TMJ, your insurance might cover the treatment.   Call for more information. 

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