What is IV Vitamin Treatment?

IV Vitamin Treatment

DarMon Cocktail is a medical grade IV treatment to help boost the immune system against infections. This Vitamin cocktail has had multiple randomized clinical trials revealing to lower mortality and decreased hospitalization stay . Major hospitals in the US are using high doses of vitamin C, Thiamine, folic acid and hydrocortisone to support patients in the ICU setting. This has multiple studies indicating improvements in earlier discharge from the ICU.

During Severe illness, humans are not able to produce vitamin C or other vitamins to deal with the stress factor and oxidation of the biological cells. Animals are able to acutely increase its production of vitamin C during stress to protect cells against the overwhelming production of reactive oxidation causing biological injury and organ failure.

IV Vitamin

Coronavirus and other viral infections

Currently, there is no medical treatment to clear viral infections. Viral infections tend to multiply by millions in a very short period of time causing the body to respond. If the viral infection is very aggressive, the body will not have the ability to fight it off if the immune system is slow.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C is our central antioxidant, which directly gets rid of free radicals, and prevents cell death and inflammation. Furthermore, vitamin C is a neuro-protector, immune modulator, helping the body to fight off infections. Infections (bacterial or viruses) causes significant amount of injury to the cells through oxidation and free radicals which Vitamin C helps to decrease or minimize.

High doses of vitamin C is needed during critical illness. Organs will fail if the Vitamin C doses are low. DarMon Cocktail calculates and customizes this based on individual weights. In critically ill patients, the higher dose of i.v. vitamin C improved organ dysfunction more than the lower dose.

Thiamine levels are also reduced by half during severe infection. Thiamine is also depleted in alcoholics and can cause severe brain injury called Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. Alcoholic patients presenting to the hospital are given thiamine to protect them from Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. Having adequate amount of Thiamine will help protect the brain and help cell protection.

IV Vitamin

What is Sepsis?

Sepsis is due to overwhelming response of the body to fight off infection which could cause moderate to severe organ dysfunction and failure. If not treated aggressively within a timely manner, can cause death. Sepsis causes circulatory and cellular metabolism abnormalities which are profound enough to substantially increase mortality.

In a hospital setting, supportive care (i.e hydration, vitamins (Vitamin C, Thiamine, Folic acid) & oxygen) are provided to help fight off infection. If sepsis is due to bacterial infection, antibiotics are added to the supportive care, but if it is due to viral infection (Corona virus, influenza and other viral infections) only supportive care is provided.