Botox Treatments

October 8, 2020
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Botox Treatment

You might have heard about various celebrities getting Botox treatment to improve their appearance. However, you do not know much more about it than that. Botox treatment has become extremely popular around the world for a number of reasons. You might be surprised at how many uses is has. Here are some of the medical and cosmetic applications for Botox treatment that you might not be aware of.

Cosmetic Benefits

1. The most popular use for this procedure is to remove wrinkles from the face.

Benefits of botox : Aging will always bring the inevitable onset of wrinkles. It is no surprise that people want to do everything possible to remove these wrinkles from their face whenever they can. Having smooth skin makes a person look more youthful. There have been many treatments for facial wrinkles over the years. However, this method has proven to be extremely effective and last for a long time without the need for constant treatments. It finally received approval from the Food and Drug Administration in 2002. This was a huge moment for the cosmetic surgery industry in the United States as a whole. There are frown lines that typically appear between the eyes that it was commonly used to treat in the early days after it was approved. However, surgeons then expanded its use to lines on the forehead, crow’s feet and other frown lines that appear on various parts of the face. It is important to note that the results are never permanent. The lines will always return. The amount of time this takes will depend on the age of the person and the physical condition of their skin. However, five to six months is the typical time frame that most patients start to notice a return of the lines on their face.


2. Axillary hyperhidrosis is a condition that causes many people to sweat excessively from under their arms.

It is estimated that more than one million people are suffering with this particular condition in this country. The Food and Drug Administration gave their approval to begin using Botox to help reduce axillary hyperhidrosis in patients in 2004. There was a study conducted that revealed people were seeing a reduction in the amount of sweat from under their arms. The patients received a total of four treatments to experience these positive results.


Medical Benefits

1. People who suffer from painful migraine headaches have been receiving botox treatment.

Migraine headaches are one of the most common medical problems. It is estimated that more that 300 million individuals around the world suffer from this problem on a regular basis. This particular treatment was discovered by accident. It happened while a clinical trial was in progress. The results showed that people who had serious issues with pain from migraines experienced a smaller amount of headaches. They also had a reduction in the amount of pain they would feel whenever they would get a headache after going through treatment.


2. People who have suffered a stroke have also received very positive botox treatment results.

There are many very serious physical issues that a person has to deal with after having a stroke. It can cause the person to have trouble moving and controlling their arms and hands. Botox treatment has shown to improve the ability of these people to control their muscles and improve their overall dexterity. This is because the muscles become more relaxed after several treatments. This also makes it easier for these people to exercise and go through physical therapy following a stroke.



3. Cervical dystonia sufferers have been able to find relief by using this treatment.

Cervical dystonia is a disorder that is not very common. It involves the neck muscles contracting on an involuntary basis. This results in the person suffering from this problem to have his or her head turn to the left or right. They are unable to face straight ahead without experiencing a large amount of pain. Patients receiving injections on a regular basis have experienced their neck muscles becoming more flexible. They are able to move their neck more easily with much less pain than they felt before the treatment.


4. The Botox treatment has also proven to be effective for people suffering from strabismus in multiple studies.

The condition that is often referred to as lazy eye has the medical name of strabismus. People who suffer from this condition will experience a tightening of the muscles that are located on either the left or right of their eye. This will result in their eye being forced into a specific direction depending on which side the tightness is on. The use of this particular method being used as a treatment for lazy eye goes back roughly 30 years. The Botox treatment will help the muscles surrounding the eye to go into a relaxed state. This will allow the person to look straight ahead without feeling any pain.


5. Success in the botox treatment of blepharospasm has been reported.

There is a very serious disorder of the eyes that is medically known as blepharospasm. People who have this problem will experience the contraction of their eyes on an involuntary basis. This can be a very embarrassing problem for patients because it causes them to have eyes that are crossed. The botox treatment has proven very effective when it comes to reducing the twitching and closing of the eyes of the patients that were occurring on a regular basis. The number of treatments that patients need to receive in order to experience results has varied greatly. The age of the patient seems to be a factor that determines how much time it will take for the treatments to be effective. The typical length of time for the treatments when used for this particular disorder is three to four months. However, there have been certain patients who have reported experiencing very positive results in a shorter period of time. The bottom line is that every patient is different. Therefore, the length of the treatment will vary.