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Different Ways Botox Can Help You

September 8, 2020
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Today’s beauty industry is pretty open-minded in making certain changes to your face. This was once greatly frowned upon and many people who did go through some procedures kept it hidden. This is not the case now and one of the most commonly used treatments is Botox. Many people are not aware of how versatile Botox can be. They only know that they help in the reduction of wrinkles but the use of them is not bound just here. Let’s look at some possibilities achieved by Botox.


Temporary Facelift (Botox)

(Different Ways Botox Can Help You) It can help achieve a temporary facelift as it can help structure the jaw and also give a slight lift to your nose as desired and these results will stay for a course of three months. Proper facelifts cost quite a handsome amount and can take months to heal and settle and are also quite painful. To avoid that, Botox is a much better alternative.


Temporary Nose Job (Botox)

Different Ways Botox Can Help You – With age, a person’s skin starts to sag due to which the appearance of the nose can become a little droopy and hooked as well over time. Due to this, a persons’ entire face can seem droopy. Getting nose jobs is quite expensive and painful. Instead, doctors inject botox in the base of your nose which affect the muscles due to which the nose is becoming hooked which in turn lifts the nose and just in a matter of 10 minutes you can take off some years off of your face.


Stops Migraines (Botox)

It is quite understandable how Botox works for migraines. This is because it blocks the pain signals being sent to the brain and also relaxes the nerves. It is quite common that patients suffer from migraines which are not calming down with traditional migraine medication so neurologists might inject Botox in the forehead, temples and skull. The only downside of this is that neurologists do not use Botox for cosmetic purposes so, in order to reduce the pain, patients might come out with frozen foreheads and dropped eyebrows.


Helps with Acne (Botox)

Botox can help with too much oil secretion in the skin which in turn helps with the reduction of breakouts. For completely treating acne, so much Botox is required that one might not be able to use their facial muscles. But tiny amounts on trouble areas can be a great help for oil secretion.


Calms Excessive Sweating (Botox)

Just like Botox works for muscles, it works the same way for nerves. If used for sweating, it will stop the messages from the nerves to reach the sweat glands. This will, in turn, result in the area not being wet. Many people who are clinically diagnosed with excessive sweating use Botox for this. They can get them injected in areas such as armpits and palms. This particular usage of Botox has been approved by the FDA and for some people, this is a major lifestyle improvement. People with pathological sweating suffer through many embarrassing situations and Botox can be life-changing for them.