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Laser Hair Removal 101

October 8, 2020
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Laser Hair Removal

Do you know everything that you should about laser hair removal? 

If you have been thinking about taking advantage of this technique, you should also take the time to understand exactly what it entails.

Laser removal has long been hailed as the foremost technique that removes unwanted hair from your body. It’s a quick, safe, and relatively painless process that results in a very high level of customer satisfaction. For these reasons, it’s time that you knew how the process works and what it can do for you. It’s time you went to Laser Hair Removal 101.



It Matters What Color Your Hair Is?

The first thing you need to is that the color of your hair matters. If you have white, very light blonde, or very light red hair, you simple cannot be a candidate for the treatment. This is because the technique requires pigment to work. The less you have – or if you have none at all – the less effective laser hair removal can be. However, it should be noted that new laser hair removal techniques are being developed even as this article is written. New techniques that treat pigment-less hair may soon be available.



Both Men and Women Regularly Receive Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Another important fact that should be part of Laser Hair Removal 101 is that both men and women are regular recipients. It is true that women form the majority of patients who apply to have the technique performed on their behalf. But there is an increasing number of men who also benefit from this technique. There are many men who prefer to have their bikini line, rear end, back, and underarms as free as possible of extra hair. Laser removal gets the job done on their behalf.


Laser Removal is a Quick, Efficient, and Cost Effective Technique

One of the main reasons why laser removal is so popular is because it saves you a great deal of time, energy, and money in the long run. When you add up all the money you have spent over the years on razors, skin creams, and lotions of all kinds, it comes to quite a lot. If you compare it against the amount of money you pay to get a quick laser treatment, you will see how cost effective the latter treatment really is. It’s an eye opening revelation for many.


It Matters What Kind of Laser is Used for the Treatment

There is one essential factor of Laser Hair Removal 101 that must be kept in mind at all times. The type of hair you have will dictate the type of laser that should be used. If you have very dark hair, a laser that is designed to work on people with light skin won’t do you much good. It’s always a good idea to ask in advance what kind of lasers a specific clinic possesses. This way you will know if they possess the one that is best able to work on people with your type of hair and skin.



What Different Types of Lasers are Most Common?

There are four main types of lasers that are frequently used for the purpose of hair removal. Ruby is best for people with dark hair and light skin. This type of laser is more comfortable to receive treatment from than the other three types. It has the effect of stunting and slowing hair growth for a long period of time. The laser itself has the benefit of a built-in cooling system that is able to prevent patients receiving unintended burns.

The next common type of hair removal laser is known as the Alexandrite. This laser has a very wide range. It can satisfy the needs of many different types of skin and hair tone but does work best on lighter complexions. It can quickly remove very thin, as well as very coarse and thick, hairs from your body. The Alexandrite is also one of the fastest acting of the four, with results appearing in a very short amount of time. It should be noted that treatment with the Alexandrite laser may be a bit less comfortable than the other types.

Another type of hair removal laser is known as the Nd: YAG. This oddly named new laser is, nevertheless, quickly becoming recognized as one of the most effective hair removal agents. It covers a greater portion of the body than any of the other laser types. It can also work its magic on a much wider variety of skin tones and textures. For this reason, the Nd: YAG has received a great deal of praise from industry experts and laser removal patients alike. However, it isn’t effective if your complexion is too light. It also isn’t among the most comfortable laser treatments.

The fourth and final type of hair removal laser is known as the Diode. This type of laser works best on light to medium complexions. It can cover a great deal of the body at once and is especially effective on thicker, coarser hair. However, there are certain risks associated with the use of this laser. It could leave you vulnerable to burns, discoloration of the skin, and a good deal of irritation, swelling, and burning. This is the type of laser treatment that it is definitely best to proceed with only after you get approval from your specialist.


The Time for You to Learn More About Laser Hair Removal is Now

If you have been thinking about getting your hair removed the modern way, a course of laser treatment can be easily arranged. It’s important to go over the guidelines of Laser Hair Removal 101 as laid down in this article. By doing so, you will be able to quickly determine whether or not you are a prime candidate for this technique. The more you know about laser removal, the better position you will be in to benefit from it. The time to gain this knowledge is now.