Neck treatment with Botox

How does Botox work on the neck?

Botox has been known to produce visible results in most cases involving the vertical neck bands (platysma muscles). These are the muscles that control chewing and the ability to speak. This condition is related to aging and is sometimes referred to as “turkey neck,” or “turkey gobbler.” Botox is most effective on these muscles, which aid in animating the face.

Botox injections can relax these muscles, reducing their prominence, and preventing them from pulling the skin of the neck down, forming wrinkles. After the procedure, the neck will look softer and regain some of its youthful shape and appearance.


How is the Botox administered?

Your skilled practitioner will inject the Botox into the muscle tissue at predetermined intervals for maximum results. If needed, a local anesthetic or numbing cream can be applied to the treatment area in advance of the injections. Most patients report only mild discomfort during the procedure.
When correctly placed in the muscles, Botox injections are very effective at alleviating the neck wrinkles associated with aging.

There is normally an appreciable difference in the appearance of the neck after treatment.A session will take approximately 15 to 20 minutes, and there is no related recovery time. You are able to return to your regular daily routine immediately.

How long do the effects last?

The effect of Botox on the platysma muscles is temporary fix. The results of the procedure can last from 4 to 6 months, before a repeat procedure becomes necessary. The procedure is generally referred to as the Botox Neck Lift, and it is becoming more and more popular as an alternative to invasive cosmetic surgery.


How do I know the Botox will work?

For over 10 years Dermatologists and other skin specialists have been using Botox injections to improve the appearance of neck wrinkles associated with the platysma muscles. Its efficacy has been proven, with millions of patients across the globe.

Does Botox work on all neck wrinkles?

In between your eyebrows also known as “elevens” since wrinkles resembling the number eleven tend to develop between the eyes as we age. These wrinkles or folds tend to show most noticeably while frowning, worried, or concentrating. Some people have even three lines in this area. You will need on average 15-20 units of Botox to get great results. Over injection of this area can create a "Jack Nicholson Look", the outer part of the eyebrow being lifted as you make expressions.

Are there any side effects from this procedure?

The only reported side effect from Botox injections for neck wrinkles has been difficulty in swallowing. However, this side effect will only occur when injections are given by a practitioner who is not skilled in the proper procedure, and the injections are not administered in the appropriate locations in the platysma muscle. Sometimes mild bruising can be experienced at the injection site. (See the Botox Information page for additional medical information.)

How much will it cost me?

The cost will vary depending on the teatment areas. We have specials on Botox on a monthly basis. There are affodable alternatives that can be used as well that are equally as strong as Botox. New products like Xeomin has been known to be very similar to Botox and recent studies have shown to be more pure form of Botox.

How do I know if this procedure is right for me?

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