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October 8, 2020
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Treating a variety of medical conditions

Botox injections are noted primarily for the ability to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. They’re also used to treat conditions such as neck spasms (cervical dystonia), excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), an overactive bladder, and lazy eye. Botox injections may also help prevent chronic migraines.

Botox injections temporarily prevent a muscle from moving. This toxin is produced by the microbe that causes botulism, a type of food poisoning from honey (hint: don’t feed your baby any honey).

Botox injections block certain chemical signals to prevent muscles to contract. The most common use of these injections is to temporarily relax the facial muscles that cause wrinkles in the forehead and around the eyes. Botox injections are also used to treat medical conditions (Covered by Insurance at times)that affect how the body functions. Examples include:

  • Cervical dystonia. your neck muscles contract involuntarily causing your head to twist or turn into an uncomfortable position.  Botox will relax the muscle spasm and relieve the pain.
  • Muscle contractures. In Stroke patients,  it can cause your hands, arms to be in a contracted position which is painful.  Again, Botox is used to relax these contracted muscles
  • Hyperhidrosis. In this condition, excessive sweating occurs even when the temperature isn’t hot and you’re not exerting yourself.  (if you are getting married or going to an important event, you can prevent yourself from sweating)  We have Botox Specials for your events (Wedding, Graduation, Quinceanera)
  • Chronic migraine. If you suffer migraine headaches for more than 15 days lasting upwards of 8 -10 hrs per day, then Botox is covered by your PPO insurance only if other medications are taken have not helped you.  Call us to see if you qualify.
  • Bladder dysfunction. Botox injections can also help reduce urinary incontinence caused by an overactive bladder.
  • Eye twitching. Botox injections may help relieve contracture or twitching of muscles around the eyes
  • TMJ Treatment. If you grind your teeth and have headaches or jaw pain, Botox can help by relaxing your masseter muscle to prevent TMJ.

Risks of Botox

Botox injections are relatively safe when performed by an experienced doctor. At New Skin Laser Center, we have over 25 years of combined experience in medical and cosmetic Botox injections.

Possible side effects and complications include:

  • Pain, swelling, or bruising at the injection site
  • Headache
  • Droopy eyelid or cockeyed eyebrows
  • Crooked smile or drooling
  • Eye dryness or excessive tearing

Although very unlikely, it’s possible for the toxin in the injection to spread in your body. Call your physician right away if you notice any of these effects hours to weeks after receiving Botox:

  • Muscle weakness
  • Vision problems
  • Trouble speaking or swallowing
  • Breathing problems
  • Loss of bladder control

It is not recommended to use Botox when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. And Botox should not be used in people who are allergic to cow’s milk protein.


Select your doctor carefully

Botox must be used only under a doctor’s care. It’s important that injections be placed precisely in order to avoid side effects. Also if in case there is an issue, you can always depend on a doctor to respond to your specific needs.  At New Skin Laser Center we have Dr. Alan Darush and Dr. Gloria Monsalve overseeing all injections and procedures.


How you prepare

To reduce the risk of bleeding or bruising, you need to stop drinking alcohol 24 hours before the procedure. Certain drugs and medications will cause blood thinning and increase bruising.  Tell your Doctor medications taken prior to your procedure.


What you can expect Before the procedure

At New Skin Laser Center, Most people don’t feel much discomfort during the procedure. But you may want your skin numbed beforehand, especially if your palms or soles are being treated for excessive sweating. If your want a pain-free Botox, just ask our staff for numbing cream to be applied prior to your Botox injections.


During the Botox procedure

At New Skin Laser Center, we use thin needles to inject tiny amounts of botulinum toxin into your skin or muscles. The number of injections needed depends on the area being treated.

Botox units per area:

Forehead: 12-20 units

Glabella (frown lines): 12-20 units

Eyebrow Lifting: 3-5 units per eye

Crow’s Feet: 6-12 units

Masseter Muscle (TMJ): 30-45 units

Hyperhydrosis: 30-45 units

Neck Lifting: 30-40 units

Migraine Headaches: 120-150 units


After the Botox procedure

Do not rub, massage the treated area, or exercise for 24 hours. You may apply makeup immediately after.



Botox injections usually begin working five to seven days after treatment. Depending on the problem being treated, the effect may last three to four months. To maintain the effect, you’ll need regular follow-up injections.

At New Skin Laser Center, we are offering the most advanced medical technologies and services like Ultherapy, Skin Tightening, Sculplsure, Radiofrequency skin tightening, ablative and non-ablative laser machines to improve your skin to a more youthful, vibrant you.  We are also offering non-invasive facelifts with our latest PDO and PLA thread lifting.

We also offer a wide variety of Botulinum toxins like Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin along with fillers like Restylane, Juvederm, and Radiesse.

We have two locations, Northridge and Simi Valley, to choose from and have been serving the vicinity communities of Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Chatsworth, Granada Hils, Porter Ranch, West Hills, Woodland Hills, and Tarzana.