Botox Facial Treatments



Botox Facial Treatments: the most common areas treated with Botox (or other injectables that reduce wrinkles) are forehead, frown lines, crows feet & bunny lines. Botox injected by a medical doctor will result with the most aesthetically pleasing results. Believe it or not, it is an art knowing where to inject Botox. Cost of injecting the Botox varies and will try to explain that here.  We have Botox prices and specials on a monthly basis.    We are part of the Alle Program for Botox Discounts, and specials.


Forehead lines are created by lifting your eyebrows. These lines can become very deep if not prevented with Botox. You can test to see if you have forehead lines by lifting your eyebrows. Depending on the number of wrinkles, lines and the strength of the muscles, your Botox units will be different and Botox injections by a physician will determine the outlook. On average, you will need 15 to 20 units to get the best results. Men (because of larger muscles) do need more at times. Botox injected in men is sometimes called Brotox. Remember, over injecting this area can create a dropped forehead and eyebrows. Botox costs can vary but at NewSkin Laser Center we have specials all the time.

Glabellar Region:

In between your eyebrows also known as “elevens” since wrinkles resembling the number eleven tend to develop between the eyes as we age. These wrinkles or folds tend to show most noticeably while frowning, worried, or concentrating. Some people have even three lines in this area. You will need on average 15-20 units of Botox to get great results. Over injection of this area can create a "Jack Nicholson Look", the outer part of the eyebrow being lifted as you make expressions.

Crow’s Feet:

Wrinkles around the Eyes: wrinkles that develop around the edges of the eyes resembling Crow’s Feet. Depending upon the severity of the wrinkles, these lines may not be noticeable while relaxed but show up most while laughing or smiling. If left untreated, these wrinkles will become more noticeable even while relaxed. On average, people will need 6-12 units of Botox in this area. Dysport tends to be better in this region as it gives you more relaxed and natural look. With Dysport, you will need about 20-30 ($60-$90) units per eye to achieve results.  Cost of Dysport and Botox are about the same despite needing more units of Dysport.