Glycolic Acid Treatments

October 8, 2020
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Glycolic Acid Treatments

The Great Glycolic Acid – Facial Peeling and Exfoliation

What is glycolic acid?

Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid. It is derived from cane sugar and has the smallest molecules out. Because of this, it is able to easily penetrate the skin.

What does glycolic acid do?

Glycolic acid reacts with the skin’s top layer and helps dissolve sebum and other substances that bind cells together. It releases and eliminates dead skin cell. Glycolic Acid is a great exfoliator and speeds us cell turnover.  Fine lines and acne scars are often eliminated from products containing glycolic acid.

What will glycolic exfoliation do for the skin?

Glycolic exfoliation effectively removes the dead cells that both sit and accumulate on the surface of your skin. These dead cells lead to dull, discolored, and uneven skin. Glycolic exfoliation therefore removes those dead cells restoring radiant, even-toned skin. Glycolic exfoliation also stimulates the healthy lower layers of your skin, causing them to generate new healthy skin and even produce collagen.

What does Glycolic Acid do to my skin?

Glycolic acid is a great exfoliator and therefore it can;

  • shrink the pores
  • brightens your skin
  • gets rid of mild to moderate hyperpigmentation (skin discoloration)
  • gets rid of acne scar pigmentation
  • increases skin tone
  • stimulates collagen production

Can I get glycolic acid over the counter?

Yes, you can find low percentage glycolic acid over the counter, but if you want a deeper facial and peeling with reasonable skin response, you will need higher percentage up to 70%.   At NewSkin Laser center we offer highest percentage depending on hour skin type, color and your goals.

Glycolic Acid FAQs

Is there a best time to use products containing glycolic acid?

The best time to use products containing glycolic acid is the evening so it does not interfere with the use of sunscreen and protecting your skin from sun sensitivities.

Are products containing glycolic acid beneficial for all ages?

Products containing glycolic acid are beneficial for everyone, starting in adolescence and continuing throughout the adult age.

How long until my clients will see results from using products containing glycolic acid?

Clients should use products containing glycolic acids daily to see the best results. They should begin to see the results within a few weeks.

Is there a downside to using products containing glycolic acid?

The only downside is products containing glycolic acid may be harsh on those with sensitive skin. The best way to avoid irritation is to gradually introduce glycolic to the clients skincare regimen.

Should glycolic acids burn?

Properly formulated glycolic acids should not burn, but they may tingle. The easiest way to describe the difference is that they may tingle but should not be painful.

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